Over 25 years of experience in personal injury law

Since 1992 Vince Bruner has devoted his practice solely to work as a Plaintiff's personal injury lawyer, dedicated to assisting people injured in accidents.


The best attorney group in Emerald Coast.


Best law firm on the Gulf Coast!

-Tara Rodgers

To Mr. Vincent Bruner,

When you have your first accident at age 71 you feel your whole life has changed forever. Having been retired only a short time we felt as though our whole life was upside down. No visit up north to see our grandchildren and great great grandchildren would be possible with our second vehicle.
I was worried about what to do and how to handle the insurance, the police reports, and whether to go to a Doctor. And if so, what kind?

Being hit by a 10-ton truck was upsetting enough. But being naïve when it comes to insurance and reports took the cake!

Then after praying for help, I saw or heard the name Vincent Bruner. I decided a call and meeting couldn’t hurt. Meeting him the first day made me feel as though everything wasn’t as desperate as I thought. He immediately got me the proper medical help by setting up initial appointments and proceeding with every piece of info I needed.

I had no idea insurance wouldn’t cover everything that I would need. I knew that it would take time and patience, but having a man with the personality and intelligence to pursue our cause and needs while keeping me informed when something changed was perfect. Vincent was an understanding gentleman and let me talk to him about my anxiety.

He never let me down, and one day a phone call happened with the best news ever! Vincent never gave up trying to give us back our lives and getting it back to the way things were! Of course our lives will never be the same but having had the guidance, care, concern, and patience from Vincent has helped us on our journey to a life of relief, normalcy, and love.

All of our thanks to a man who has been blessed with not just the intelligence, patience and perseverance that was involved, but who did it with a charm and wisdom very few young people have these days. May he always be blessed in his business and private life.

Sent with love and thanks from not just me, but our whole family.

-Samantha B Long

They did a fabulous job on handling my car accident case and did exactly what they told me they would do. They were fast in handling it and I would
Definitely use them again and again if necessary. Thanks Drew and Vince for all your help.


Took care of our case when my family, and I were involved in a car accident. Drew was very helpful, and explained everything. Very highly recommend


Very personable and trustworthy lawyers. Drew worked diligently on my case and really took the time necessary to do the right thing. He was very responsive and provided his very best recommendations throughout the entire process. I can wholeheartedly say that this is the best law firm to have on your side.


Best Law firm across the Panhandle! If you are tired of working with bad lawyers that don’t care about you or your case, then you NEED to reach out to The Bruner Law Firm. They are family owned and they really do care about their clients! I had a closed case with them, and months later they contacted me to let me know that they secured MORE settlement money for me! Who does that??? I have to say, they were and still are a blessing. Don’t hesitate to call them!



They are very kind and very cordial when I ask them to help me form a nonprofit that is to help are local animal shelters developed and grow and be no kill shelters and even have our own adoption shop they’re very excited and very much animal lovers to Okaloosa county thanks them for their support of save the puppies and kittens project hosted by world’s famous crab Island


I have never really had much experience with the law, but Mr. Bruner was got my case settled without goin to court. What A relief.


Mr. Bruner was very well educated and dedicated to my medical case. Can pick apart a legal contract with the best of them. An astute young man I would gladly trust again in any legal matter.

-Dr. P

Drew Bruner is thorough and completely professional. He represented me in criminal court, and was able to prove my innocence. He was everything you hope for in a lawyer.


I had an insurance claim with Progressive and Mr. Bruner was able to get my adjuster to give me the payment I was entitled to. He was very nice and always took my phone calls. Since we didn’t go to court the fees were very reasonable. I couldnt be happier!!


Mr. Bruner advised me with legal contract advice for my small business. He was always available and ready to assist in anyway possible. He took his time to thoroughly understand the documents and dedicate his time to advising me. I would trust Mr. Bruner with any legal matter and highly recommend him!


I only spoke with Mr. Bruner over the phone but he went out of his way to help me with a claim I am having with my small business. Thanks for lending a helping hand!


I used the Bruners for my car wreck claim and had a good settlement.


I am in the air force and had Drew manage my case. He was prompt, courteous, and professional throughout. Best of all, I had a great result.

-Omar Alexander

Drew worked on my case immediately after the other attorney’s paralegal drug his feet for years. Drew and Cheryl were a lot better than the other group I used so I highly rate this firm.


Drew took my car accident case. I love this firm, they helped me and they will help you.


Bruner Firm is a great law firm for all your personal injury cases! I have grown up around this family. They are very knowledgeable and helpful when you need them!


Drew did a fantastic job handling my claim. He kept me up to date throughout the whole process and I could tell he truly cared about me and my family.


Very personable and trustworthy lawyer that’s truly willing to spend the time to do the right thing. Drew worked diligently to resolve a tenant issue for my rental property. Hands down the best law firm to have on your side.


What a great legal team!was impressed how they came to me and always stayed in contact.their assistant Cheryl always made sure to get the right paper work to where ever I needed to go promptly.all military family,I recommend these local guys,they know the ropes in our area.


This was such a great experience using MR. Bruner for my case. I have had another lawyer in the past and he was never there and always had me call him back at inconvenient times. This was a much better experience and I cannot overstate my opinion.


Drew has provided us with guidance and fair legal advice during this hard time. He was honest, responsive, knowledgable and experienced. While working with Drew, I felt we could trust him and we were in good hands. He was very patient with us, as we were with the situation at hand.

I would highly recommend Drew to anyone seeking legal representation that is equitable, trustworthy and will keep your best interest as a priority. I would highly recommend Drew to anyone seeking a personal injury lawyer.


Drew represented me in an auto accident claim. He was thorough. After settlement an additional medical bill arrived. Although a small amount Drew wrote a check out his portion of the earnings to settle the bill. Totally unexpected and shows what type of person he is. Absolutely would recommend him!


I would definitely recommend this Law firm. The staff was great and always made me feel welcome. They do a great job keeping you informed about the case. They treat you like you are their top priority! Thank you!


Drew worked on my case for over three years and fought a very big company who denied my claim for the get-go. He gave me his cell phone number and never once took more than a day or two to return my calls. I was in the end, happy with the outcome!

Thanks Bruners!!


Best Law firm across the Panhandle! If you are tired of working with bad lawyers that don’t care about you or your case, then you NEED to reach out to The Bruner Law Firm. They are family owned and they really do care about their clients! I had a closed case with them, and months later they contacted me to let me know that they secured MORE settlement money for me! Who does that??? I have to say, they were and still are a blessing. Don’t hesitate to call them!



Drew took my case when a young teenager hit me on my bike. It was stressful going out but he always answered his phone and never left me in rhe dark.


I’m overdue for this review, but better late than never. Drew and his team were professional, caring, and prompt every step of the way. All of my questions were answered in a timely manner. This firm really cares about their clients and it shows. I would reccomend them to anyone who has been injured in any type of fall or accident. I was very satisfied.


Although I have a case that is still open I have to give the Bruner Law Firm KUDOS. My 17 year old niece was diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia in August. Friends set up a Meal Train for the family and out of no where Drew generously donated to the cause. I live in ST. Louis. Drew & Cheryl are so easy to work with even long distance ‼️


Vincent Bruner was great. I didn’t have any idea of what I should or shouldn’t do after my accident.
He’s very knowledgeable. Vincent answered all my questions I had and answered ones I didn’t have.
He was very easy to reach in his office or by phone.
When it came to my case I believe he and his team truly fought for me.
Would recommend Vincent Maxwell Bruner to anyone who has had some sort of accident and is in need of a lawyer who be on their side.


I recently was in a terrible car accident a lady rear ended me at a red light without breaking even a little. I had two compound fractures in my back, leaving me without being able to do much of anything for months. I was unable to work or even do basic things such as lift something over 5 lbs. My experience with Bruner Law Firm was nothing less than excellent, They have an office in Fort Walton Beach and in Panama City! Vince is caring, and innovative. I had never needed an accident lawyer before so the whole process was new to me and he was always so helpful and willing to answer any of my questions. His responses were always thoughtful. My case was a difficult case that other lawyers may have steered away from, but Vince and his team seemed to embrace the challenge. They were able to sort everything out in a short period of time. I don’t think most attorneys would have the experience, ability or fight to do. These lawyers are very genuine and care about getting you the very best outcome they possibly can. I would refer them to anyone close to me that had anything terrible happen to them like i did. You will not regret it!


Awesome Service with a very professional and knowledgeable staff. Thanks Burner Law Firm


Written by Vincent Michael Last Updated : March 27, 2020

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