Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Sunnyside

Since 1992 Vince Bruner has devoted his practice solely to work as a Plaintiff's personal injury lawyer, dedicated to assisting people injured in accidents.

Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Sunnyside

If you sustained serious injuries that were the fault of someone else, you may be entitled to compensation. It’s best to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer right away.

When you’re seriously injured because of the negligent actions of a company or an individual, you can suffer from more than just immediate, physical injuries. You could face a long road of physical pain and emotional trauma from what you’ve gone through.

What’s more, you could be led into significant financial debt from the cost of medical treatment for your injuries and your absence from work while you try to recover. Your life can be impacted in ways that are less visible to other people. You may not be able to enjoy your life like you once did because you’re now burdened by your injuries.

The Sunnyside personal injury lawyers of The Bruner Law Firm have spent three decades fighting for injured victims to get justice. We’ve helped our clients hold the people responsible for harming them accountable and, as a result, helped them obtain substantial financial compensation for their injuries.

Call The Bruner Law Firm’s dedicated personal injury lawyers in Sunnyside, FL today at (850) 243-2222 to schedule a free case evaluation.

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    Personal Injury Cases We Handle

    Medical Law
    At The Bruner Law Firm, we’ve represented clients throughout Southeast Alabama and the Florida panhandle in various personal injury cases, including:

    • Workplace Injuries – Being injured at work can cause you serious financial strain because you’re unable to return to work until you’ve recovered from your injury. Worker’s compensation is an employer benefit to which you may be entitled that will pay you for your pain and suffering and financial costs related to your workplace injury.
    • Spinal Cord Injuries – The spinal cord is quite literally the backbone of your entire body. Nerves run throughout your spinal cord, which in turn controls your body’s ability to function and your ability to move. Spinal cord injuries can cause permanent disability and may require you to receive medical care for the rest of your life. The person who caused your spinal cord injury may be liable for compensating you.
    • Paralysis – Severe damage to your spinal cord can cause you to be paralyzed. You could be partially or completely paralyzed. This changes the entire course of your life, and you may be compensated for your accident-related losses if you were paralyzed because of someone’s actions.
    • Slip and Fall Accidents – When you’re injured while on someone else’s property, the property owner may be liable for your injury. You may have been injured due to something that the property owner should have been aware of and could have prevented.
    • Construction Accidents – Construction sites involve heavy machinery and can be dangerous environments. Construction workers can be seriously injured or killed on the job. Visitors to the construction site can be injured, as well, and it may be the builder’s, developer’s, or contractor’s fault for not keeping the worksite safe.
    • Brain Injuries – Several types of accidents can cause brain injuries, including auto accidents, construction accidents, and slip and fall accidents. Brain injuries can be severe and life-threatening and may result in long-term health effects, for which you may require medical treatment.
    • Dog Bite and Animal Attack Injuries – When a dog or other animal attacks you, you can sustain devastating and painful injuries, such as lacerations, that can cause permanent disfigurement. Florida law states that the animal’s owner may be liable for compensating you.
    • Defective Medical Devices – We trust that the devices our medical caregivers use on us or implant in our bodies will work properly. If they don’t, you may be able to pursue compensation from the negligent manufacturer.
    • Wrongful Death – Losing a loved one due to someone else’s negligence is an unfathomable pain. You may be entitled to compensation for the losses you’re suffering, such as the loss of your personal relationship with them.
    • Car Accidents – Unfortunately, car accidents are an inevitable risk every time motorists get behind the wheel of their vehicles. If a motorist caused a car accident, they may be liable for compensating the injured accident victim.
    • Truck Accidents – Trucks and tractor-trailers share the roads with passenger vehicle drivers and passengers every day. But given the size of the vehicles, they can cause severe injuries to other drivers and passengers if involved in a collision. The truck driver and the trucking company that employs them may be liable for an accident in which the truck driver was at fault.
    • Jet Ski and Boat Accidents – While they can be enjoyable to ride on, jet skis and boats can be dangerous. The drivers of jet skis and boats can cause serious accidents and injuries if the drivers are intoxicated or inexperienced with operating the vessels.
    • Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcyclists can be severely or fatally injured when another driver causes a collision with them, especially because they are so uniquely exposed. The vehicle driver could be responsible for compensating a motorcycle accident victim for their injuries sustained in the accident.
    • Pedestrian Accidents – A pedestrian can be at extreme risk for serious injuries if a negligent driver hits them in an auto accident. Pedestrian injuries can be particularly devastating because they typically have no protection while unsuspectingly crossing a street or walking down a sidewalk.
    • Bicycle Accidents – Even though bicycling has become more popular and states have expanded their safety laws for cyclists, negligent motorists can still cause them harm. Motorists may not pay careful attention when changing lanes and could hit a cyclist traveling in a designated bike lane, for instance.

    Our Results

    Our Lawyers Win
    During our decades of fighting on behalf of our clients, we’ve helped them secure millions in compensation and awards for their injuries. Below are just some examples of the success we’ve had in the personal injury cases we’ve handled:

    • $3.15 million for a jet ski accident victim in Bay County, FL
    • A $2.454 million award for our client who was injured in a truck accident in Bay County, FL
    • A $2 million award for our client who was injured in an industrial accident at their place of employment in Gulf County, FL
    • $1.5 million for the family of a deceased victim in a wrongful death lawsuit in Walton County, FL
    • Nearly $500,000 for our clients who were injured in a motorcycle accident in Bay County, FL
    • Nearly $300,000 for our injured client in a premises liability lawsuit Okaloosa County, FL

    We can’t promise you that your case will end with any particular outcome. Yes, we’ve had extraordinary success when representing many of our clients in their personal injury cases. Each case, however, has a different set of facts, and each case needs to be judged on its own merit.

    We’ll use all of the experience we’ve gained in handling a variety of personal injury cases over the past 30 years to fight just as tirelessly to pursue fair and full compensation for you.

    Contact the Sunnyside, FL Personal Injury Lawyers of The Bruner Law Firm

    If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, call The Bruner Law Firm at (850) 243-2222, or contact us online right away. Our experienced personal injury lawyers in Sunnyside, FL can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

    Written by Vincent Michael Last Updated : November 21, 2023

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