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Florida workers’ compensation insurers are seeking a 19.6 percent rate hike for employers. The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI),

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At least one person in Fernandina Beach sustained serious injuries after the bicycle he was riding was struck by a

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Professional baseball pitcher for the Miami Marlins, Jose Fernandez, was one of three fatalities in a recent boating mishap in Florida, an

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Officials have arrested a man in connection to car crash in Panama City that killed four people and left several

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Charges were recently filed against a driver in Florida due to suspicions that she was under the influence of alcohol

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Korean multinational company Samsung has issued a recall to their newly released gadget “Galaxy Note 7” after receiving complaints that

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A driver was recently left in extraordinarily good condition after the van he was driving was struck by a semi-truck

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A little girl that went missing after a boating accident in Cocoa, Florida was successfully rescued by responding personnel after

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Last Thursday, a federal judge blocked a Florida law that attempted to defund Planned Parenthood, under the Supreme Court’s “unconstitutional

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August 19th, 2016

Pokémon GO Lawsuits

The days of people peering into their phones consumed by Words With Friends, Tinder, or Candy Crush have finally been

Written by Vincent Michael Last Updated : March 23, 2020

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